Introducing BTC Fast Laps


Following the success of previous BTC & Nike collaborations, we’re excited to announce our biggest collaboration event yet. On March 9, 2024, Berlin Track Club and Nike Running will join forces to bring a new urban speed event to the EMEA running scene—BTC Fast Laps. 


Fast Laps is a way for us to connect with the running community in and around Berlin, so we created an urban running competition where teams can compete against each other. Relays, sprints, eliminations, strategy, laps… and the whole event will take place on go-kart track in Berlin-Friedrichshain. We hope this will be the first of many!

BTC runners at the starting line of a 3000m track race Laufteam Berlin
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Here’s what to expect!

We have 24 teams taking part, and they will all be split into 4 groups. These groups will then compete against each other and earn points based on where they rank throughout the day (1 place = 1 point, 12 place = 12 points). After StreakElim (as the name suggests), the bottom teams will be eliminated. The team with the fewest points at the end of the day will be crowned the winner.

Competitors will be able to prove themselves over four unique race models. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • VaporSpeed: We kick things off with a classic 4×1 Relay with baton exchange. Teams will select 4 runners to race the opposing group. 1-12 points are available. 

  • StreakElim: Teams will run 8 laps of the track. The teams that finish last after each lap are eliminated. 1-12 points are available, and all teams that finish 1st to 12th places will get points. For the final lap, the last 5 five teams race for placing. 

  • Wyld Medley: An alternating distance relay of 3 laps-5 laps-2 laps-4 laps. There are 1-8 points available per two groups. Teams that finish first out of each group will get 1 point, teams that finish last will get 8 points. After this race, the two lowest ranking teams by points per group are eliminated.

  • Spicy600: Teams that have made it through will then face the Spricy600—2 laps around the track as quickly as possible.

Fast Laps is an event that represents everything BTC stands for—teamwork!

We are also excited to put our very own Team BTC on the starting line as one of the 24 taking part. They are Caroline Schenk, Natalie Füllgraf, Nele Türp, Björn Trochim, Ethan Zeh and Leon Steinkrug.

@carolineanmas: By day a lawyer, by night our middle distance queen! Her tactical thinking and race expertise will be our greatest superpower come strategy for this new challenge.

@nataliefllg: The sweetest speedster, up to any challenge. She has stepped up to the 800m and joined our team, continuously sharing her talent and positivity! Give her a distance she can’t run! She brings her long distance expertise and energy to the middle distance, all with a smile on her face.

@bjoern_tr : The Berlin-born long distance sensation. For Björn, Fast Laps will be part of his speed training as he prepares to run the marathon at the Paris Olympics later in the year.

@ethanzeh: Our American sensation, our Stewie McSweyn, who knows no fear and stares competition in the face with a welcoming grin.

@leon_steinkrug: Our team would not be complete without our track sensation Leon. As his ambitions and the outdoor track season builds, there is always a 6th gear he can tap into for that extra surge and dip at the finish line.

“I also am excited about the concept as it breaks the normal expectations that we have for typical running events,” said Ethan Zeh. “Beyond that, it simply seems like a lot of fun!” 

Strategy will play a big part in the event, because teams will need to be smart about who runs when, and who they should hold back for later—if they make it through the elimination rounds. 

As a result, teams have to get to know each other, their strengths and weaknesses, and know when to step back in order for the team to move forward. This is what makes BTC Fast Laps a different kind of speed running event—as well as the venue! 

“The track is very twisty, making it quite different from a regular running track, and I am eager to try it out. I’m very much looking forward to participating in such a special competition,” said runner Caroline Schenk. “To prepare we have looked at the race variations and tried running tight corners, which must have looked quite amusing but it helped us devise a race strategy.”

Why are we doing this?

As a running club, BTC bridges the gap between recreational and elite running. For us, running is a team sport. Our goal has always been to train and support dedicated runners who want to get faster, work as a team, and have fun doing it. Twice a year we can invite new runners to apply, but due to limited resources we are only able to train with a small group. Through community events like BTC Fast Laps, Sunday B(run)ch, etc, we are able to reach a wider running community and connect with athletes from all over Germany and Europe. 


We are super excited to be partnering with Nike Running again for the event, with further support coming from Vitamin Well, Koro, Maurten, Marriott, Haarbar, Theroga, and Get Your Guide. Nike Running has previously partnered with BTC on a number of events, including BTC Cross Regionals and BTC Track Night.

Fast Laps ist eine Kollaboration zwischen dem Berlin Track Club und Nike.


Das Event wird unterstützt von unseren Partner:innen:

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Logo Partner Maurten

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